So Feb 24, 2011 I will be retired 6 years now. Seems like 1 and seems like 21 years now. 

Life goes on.    



Pick out Larry and win a prize.

It wasn't exactly an "office" but........

It was an outdoor job that moves around, teaches you how to kill and blow shit up. Hey!! That's cool if your only 21

                                                                                                                    God Bless our Troops!



Having taken FAA Flight Physicals for 37 years I always had to pass

the "Color Blind" part of the eye test. This one I never experienced

But it would have been a riot! 





One of the major contributing factors to a safe Pilot career. I never left home without it. A few Million Miles on this Holy Metal




Two Retired License Plate Frames Not too Many People Can Have





Since Feb. 26, 2005 was my retirement flight.

I have come to know this:



1. I can sleep late since every day is Saturday if I want it to be.

2.  I can say that I have jogged on both oceans in the same day.     How cool is that?

3.  I am still a leg up waiting for  long hair coming back

in style. No  earings (yet), no more Corvettes (yet),

no (more) tattoos (yet) but  at this stage of my life

I am just glad to have hair...Ha!!



4. I have still stayed in contact with some friends. That's what

real friendship means !!

5. I can visit family and friends and this is important to me.

6. I will be off for ALL the Mardi Gras Parades now!

(Update on the hair thing....I'm  back to "normal" hair now. Short hair



1. I miss flying the jets themselves big time as it was the coolest job

   in the world. I still can't believe they used to pay me to do what I

   loved most. Not many people in this world can say they went

  600 MPH every day with a birds eye view of the world.


2. However, I don't miss some  of the petty shit that

   went with the job (i.e. commuting by air to work for 10 years).

3.  I miss my $$$'s for sure every two weeks. I am on a 

   (damn!) budget for the first time in a LOoooooong time.

4. I have gone from a  well respected, tax-paying,  productive, 

   somewhat affluent member of society to a blip on the radar.

   You could say that "Losing your Identity" is a tough pill

   to swallow but it IS life. I'm still trying to  get over that.

5. I still have to take out the trash on Monday's & Thursdays.

6. It's still (after 9/11) tough to get on the airplanes (flying Standby).

7. This section reserved for more crap that I can think of later.



            Aviation Safety if Very Important





Is THIS B-737 not the ultimate office? 


Retired Feb '05 from Airline flying.  Proud to say no scratches,

 no dents, no accidents, no incidents, no violations.

Made some of the best friends in the world.....As well as see

the world.  

  I also learned that the following is true.

       One "Aw-shit" wipes out twenty years of "Attaboys"! 


 One last thing I will always remember. I have said many times over the years and still mean it......

“When you have good weather, a good crew, a good layover and

everything on the airplane is working as advertised.....

This is the best job on earth”.




Even though you sill might think you are sometimes Superman

 you STILL have to take out the trash at home!     :-)




Hard(ly) working until Feb '05.   Now I can let my hair grow for the  first time in 37 years.


 Click this link (It takes a second to load and there is no sound track, only video)

 to see a few of my best friends on  my retirement flight.

 (They suprised me on this trip) who joined my Wife and

Me on my Retirement Flight from NYC to Houston. It was a very cold, very early morning.

Makes you appreciate your good friends.

My brother Charlie (FAA ATC) worked my flight over to NYC the day before. Good job, Charlie!!



The picture below.....Sometimes you have Air Marshalls, sometimes you don't. Pilots are the "last failsafe"

stop to a nut trying to do you wrong. Every pilot should be required to carry a can of WhoopAss. 




 Oh yeah, an  HK 40 Pistol won't be bad either.





 So I decided to skip the Military haircuts for a few months in the

hopes of long hair coming back in style soon. Then I'll have a head start

on the longer hair.  

Actually at THIS stage of my life I don't even care what color it is

 as long as I have hair.  :-)

 But NO midlife crisis for me...So no earings, no Corvette!



15 Oct 06




  Now we have legal concealed handgun permits. It's still every man for himself out there. This will not change anytime soon in NOLA.