Without good Maintenance planes would never fly. 

This gal did good work in her time   I'm sure she 

was "over worked"   



This (Non-Approved) Flight Checklist saved my butt a few times.

 Hey!! Whatever works, right?




 And one view you NEVER want to see from your window is....





And now for the more serious part of my site....


Over  20 years of my 37 years was  flying Airliners.  I flew 12 different models of CAL Jets.


B-727 (-100,-200 series)    .





B-737 (-100,-200,-300,-500,-700,-800,-900 series) The -900 pictured below was actually larger than the B-727





DC-9 (-10,-30 series)




MD-80 md80a.jpg


And before Continental Air it was corporate jets for "United Gas Pipeline" in Houston. Also the only 4-Engine jet I ever flew as a Captain. As you can see the "N" numbers are N23UG, N24UG & N25UG (which stood for United Gas).

 N24UG was a 4 engine Lockheed Jet Star





And 25UG was a Gruman Gulfstream II, a really high performance corporate jet. It's roughly 2/3 the size of a DC-9.




 I am still looking for more pictures of N23UG, the G-159 I flew for United Gas. I was lucky to be rated as a Captain in all 3 of their airplanes.

This is a partial shot of our G-1   N23UG   All 3 Aircraft had white paint with blue trim.



Before United Gas "Big Iron" was a small commuter called Metro Airlines (Now changed to American Eagle) at the time in Houston. When I was hired in 1975 we had only 46 pilots total. Now American Eagle has thousands of Pilots flying the Regional Jets. The Twin Otters were history long ago.

This was the DHC-6 Twin Otter DHC-6B.JPG



 This photo below was taken in 1956 when I was 10 Yrs. old in the cockpit of a Convair B-36 heavy bomber (state of the art that year) while in Ft. Worth, Texas. So perhaps you could say I have liked airplanes for 50 years. Now THAT plus the black & white photo makes me feel old.  :-)  At the time this was taken I had NO idea I'd even want to be a Professional Pilot.


The picture below is of the giant B-36 next to a B-29 for size comparison.