Sometime I only need a "Half-a-Cup" of coffee.




I think the "Fleur De Lis" is SOooooo  cool.



Having been born in New Orleans I Claim this cup!





Sometimes When I wake up I need a good strong Cup of Coffee!

Depending on my mood....I pick a cup to fit that mood.

If I'm still dreaming of my Flying Days....Color me a good speller??



If it's good Motorcycle Weather......Color me Harley



If I'm mad at my computer.....I have more coffee and log

in later.



If I remember the old Marine Corps Days and why

I don't like haircuts.....Color me Loyal to the USA.

Oh yeah, my motto back then was on the bottom of my cup.



And I remember what I did for a living back in "The Old Days"


 The above logo was called a "Flaming Piss Pot" in USMC

slang. It was for "Aviation Ordnance" which means 

bombs, missles, guns & rockets for aircraft.


Then, after my coffee I wake up and smell the roses....I remember

my new motto.......

 "God Bless America, our Troops and think that peace is

better achieved the old fashion way"!