The below houses are only 10 blocks from our home.
 They are only steps away from each other.

Regardless of who owns them they need to be
removed. These are NOT "Fixer uppers"! How sad
to have them in the Garden District area, one of
the most "Tourist" visited areas around. Seems like
Katrina hit yesterday looking at these.

The house below is a Prytania St. address.

It fell into the house next to it.



Right across the street is this house below. The whold side of

the house has been "just gone" since Katrina. You can see

the bedroom upstairs and those are "Mardi Gras" beads

on the second floor table  thrown from 2005.


The picture below shows how close these houses are to each other.

See background across the street.


So all is not quite well in some areas really close to home. FYI, none

of these homes flooded. It was all wind damage. Both of these houses

are only ONE block from the Mardi Gras parade route.